While no set degree program is required for OMPP, students are encouraged to complete a program that fulfills Burrell’s prerequisite coursework requirements.  Majors that are most align with those requisites are the following:

  1. Biology
  2. Biochemistry
  3. Chemistry

Students not majoring in science based subjects should consider declaring and completing the minor in Pre-Health Studies.

Students who have declared alternative majors should reach out to the NMSU OMPP Representative for eligibility.

To ensure students are successful in the OMPP, they will meet with the NMSU OMPP Representative in Academic Advising every semester and with the Burrell College Office of Admissions annually.


Curriculum Sample (First 2 Years)



Suggested Elective Courses:  

BIOL 377: Cell Biology

BIOL 474: Immunology

BIOL 490: Neurobiology

BIOL 353: Human Anatomy

BIOL 353L: Human Anatomy Lab

BIOL 311: General Microbiology

BIOL 311L: General Microbiology Lab

BCHE 395: Biochemistry

BIOL 354: Human Physiology

BIOL 354L: Human Physiology Lab

PSY 317: Social Psychology

BIOL 479: Medical Microbiology

BIOL 479L: Medical Microbiology Lab